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To an extent, purity is a norm for female. Is this a social construct?

There's a need to rethink the 'social construct of virginity.' This will only happen when we unlearn the construct. Virginity is not a thing. It is a burden, especially on women. This very burden makes them to feel bad about their sexuality and sexual experience.

Firstly, it is important to understand, What is social construct? It is an idea that is widely accepted by people of the society and virginity is highly associated with unmarried females. This notion stems into binnary behaviour for women as, purity versus pollution and good versus bad. I personally feel, such construction of virginity is flawed. Is virginity non- penetration? What about, oral, love making, foreplays and genital rubbing? And most importantly to validate system of marriage. We stigmatize unmarried females. The concept of virginity haunts women. To an extent, purity is a norm. Every religion extols virginity and stigmatize the 'other' as a whore. Some of the tale like Kunti and Mary show's, how religion emphasize virginity of women. Such construction enforces and reinstate 'power over' on women. By which one sex seems to be weak. These flawed construct is firmly fixed as a belief and attitude of masses. So, hymen can break through various reasons. But most of time, this unawareness leads to violence against women.

Even such construction, distort rape crimes. Only few know about, 'two- finger test.' This is another form of virginity testing to authenticate laxity of vaginal muscle while inserting two fingers into vagina. This kind of test validated about the crime, and character of Rape survivor. Don't you think, how patriarchial social construct inhumanely and systemically suppress one sex?

India banned this test in 2013. Before 2012, such unscientific and illogical testing was still in practice... And in some culture, bleeding is a proof of virginity in a marriage.

Priorly to everyone's notice, about the roar of being fairer to one sex. Is still a myth....Yes, I might sound pessimistic but patriarchial norms have caged us mentally and socially.

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