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Market driven Propoganda: The Perfection and it's myth

Beauty notion is highly imposed on women. Nowadays men are too involved. But majority consumers are women. The market generated artifical needs in women to remove pubic hair, artifical hymen to fake virginity, tightenning of vagina through cream, oil, tablets, and genitial cosmetic surgery. How such thing popularised? The construction of virginity became sign of women's character and marriageability, so much so that women resorts to an idea of perfection and beauty. There are also artificial hymen; prosthetics used to fake virginity is available online. Whereas removal of pubic hair was popularised in 1990's by television show Sex and the City. Now removing pubic hair through cream and waxing is a part of beauty and hygiene. The removal of pubic hair increases the visibility of vulva. This caters negative feelings and anxiety in women. Why this happens? The pornographic magazine shows images of vulva invisible. Such images manifest wrong notion of beauty around vulva. The insecurity of self and judgement of partner affects women pshyce which certainly benefits market to set myths as truth. The accepted appearance of female genital is limited to set standard i.e. vulva which consist of inner labia and outer labia, a vagina, a clitoris and a clitoris hood. And the trimming of inner labia is done to make that small through labiaplasty or vaginoplasty. This cosmetic surgery rejuvenate vagina by making small inner labia and brands new myth in beauty standard. Naomi Wolf argues in The Beauty Myth that most cosmetic procedures are performed on the areas of women bodies associated with ' femaleness' : thighs, stomach, buttock and breast. This gone further to include vulva, the most female body part to exert femaleness.

In an article, Keeping it proper down under' of Times of India highlighted cosmetic surgeries like labiaplasty, hymenoplasty, fat transplantation for premature ageing of vulva, vaginoplasty, G-peel and etc… which costed around 30,000 to 50,000 in India. Hymenoplasty, restores virginity. In a way these cosmetic surgeries reinstigate the societal norms of women virginity and beauty standards of femaleness.

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