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Feminist is not mere word of buzz to brand yourself. It is an ongoing process....

Is feminism anti-men, feminazi ?

(People often mislead feminist and feminism …)

Feminism is misinterpreted by these words. So, some people reject feminism and call themselves as an equalist and humanist. Feminist is not mere word of buzz to brand yourself. It is against all insensitivities, discrimination and oppression. Yes, it started as a movement of suffrage and equality of opportunity for women. But with time, feminism has evolved. It has evolved as an idea, movement and a constant struggle against patriarchy. If we see across the globe, patriarchy is everywhere. Some anthropological studies show facts and diversity of culture but that's minimal and only few know about existence of matriarchal societies and practices. On larger map patriarchy is common.

And a general notion of people that patriarchy only affects women. But it affects both men and women. Patriarchy shapes everything, even our behaviour. A boy having short hair and a girl long hair is his/her choice? Do we exercise our own choice? Is this a performance of constructed realities? Since birth we are assigned by rules, norms and behaviour. The person who fits himself/herself is approved by society. But, if not, then in name of society, the person is ostracized in shame, self-guilt, behaviour correction, discrimination and lastly oppressed by the majority. For example- Heterosexuality is a norm. So, others are deviant. So, if someone say feminist are man haters. Don't shut his/her views. Just show flawless sides of feminism that is being sensitive and empathetic.

Lastly ending with powerful lines ,"Imagine living in a world where there is no domination, where females and males are not alike or even always equal, but where a vision of mutuality is the ethos shaping our interaction."(By Bell Hooks, Feminism is for everybody: Passionate Politics )

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