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Ring Ceremony & Sagan Makeup

As the event before the event, the ring ceremony features the bride in all her beauty and majestic glory. The ring ceremony, also known as the Sagan, is the most remarkable ritual before the wedding. No one understands this or appreciates this better than Tanu Singh when it is time to adorn the bride with perfection. Simplistic and yet sophisticated, sober and yet spectacular, Tanu’s makeup magic will transform your entire personality and leave the guests spell bound well after the event. As you can see for yourself in the picture gallery, makeup for the ring ceremony strikes that perfect balance between freshness and ornateness. It is this balance which Tanu Singh achieves that has put Tanu in the major league of prominent makeup artists in Delhi.

What is so special about Tanu’s makeup for brides all poised to participate in the ring ceremony?

You ask:

  • Makeup of the finest quality that is neither too heavy nor too light
  • Makeup that is not just appropriate but perfect for your skin tone
  • Exquisite eye makeup so that your expressive eyes do the talking while the world watches you
  • Light-to-medium makeup that looks lovely both face-to-face as well as in pictures
  • Immaculate hair styling blow-dried and straightened
  • Uneven skin tone and dark patches neatly concealed

Call Tanu at +91 9810471199 as soon as the date for your ring ceremony is finalized and be sure to consult with her for all your bridal needs. Too shy to call? Why not use the handy inquiry form to send her a message. You can expect to hear from her the same day. Happy wedding planning!