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Reception Makeup

The wedding reception, which follows the main wedding ceremony, is just as important an event as the wedding ceremony itself. You have already met your new extended family at your wedding. It is now time to meet an entirely new inner circle and Tanu Singh will be there to present you in full regal style!

As one of the leading makeup artists in Delhi and as a makeup consultant in Delhi with many years of rich experience, Tanu is standing by to expertly prepare you for your wedding reception. Her makeup style for your wedding reception will be impressive and yet simple with an aura of sophistication. Tanu’s makeup will contribute to how you present and carry yourself throughout the event as you mingle with your new extended family and their friends, build new bridges and new relationships meant to last an eternity.

What can you expect?

  • Makeup that matches the occasion as you grace the function with your presence
  • Delicate eye makeup which looks natural and expressive
  • Durable makeup that remains in tact as you circulate and mingle with the audience
  • Special attention to hair styling perhaps loose hair falling evenly on your shoulders with dainty soft curls
  • Makeup that makes you photogenic while preserving your face-to-face impression

Choose from an assortment of makeup and presentation themes, styles and packages for your reception. Tanu Singh also offers special packages that include makeup services for all your wedding events. Have you started planning your wedding? If you said “yes,” it is time to call Tanu at +91 9810471199 to schedule a free initial consultation and get acquainted session.You can also use the handy Inquiry Form to write to her. Expect to hear from her the same day!