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Party & Air Brush Makeup

Occasions such as parties and get togethers are meant to bring out the best in us and our looks are certainly no exception. The next time you accept an invitation to attend a formal party, a wedding ceremony or an anniversary, call Tanu Singh.

There are many makeup artists in Delhi. What makes Tanu’s approach and style of presenting you at the event different is her creativity. Tanu follows all the latest ethnic as well as international fashion and beauty trends to the letter. She creates a style that is both unique to you and the party event you are planning to attend.

You will need to schedule plenty of time before the event for Tanu to highlight your 360 degree presence at the occasion. After all, great work takes time. Rushing you through the makeup session and trying to do ten things at the same time is not Tanu’s style of work. You will always remain the center of attention as long as the two of you are together. As a featured makeup consultant in Delhi, Tanu can offer you much more than a simple session:

  • Light and yet sophisticated makeup that gracefully matches the ambience of the event you are planning to attend
  • Makeup that is not over the top
  • Lighter shades and a touch of glitter
  • Makeup that genuinely blends with your overall appearance
  • Eye shadow and blush toned down to accentuate your real look
  • Special attention to hair styling especially if you have long hair
  • High quality hair accessories to complete the impression
  • Uneven tones and skin blemishes neatly concealed naturally if they at all exist

Your party and air brush makeup session will last for no more than two or three hours. Tanu highly recommends that you depart directly to the event once the makeup session concludes. Tanu can confirm your appointment right on the phone so why not call her at +91 9810471199 and schedule your appointment? Can’t call because you are in the office and the boss is around? No issues. Simply complete the handy Inquiry Form on the right and tell Tanu about the event and the date.

Tanu will follow up with you right away!