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Casual Makeup

Dressing up, wearing your finest casual outfit and going out never needs a reason. There is a world out there to explore and new places to check out. Tanu Singh is always available to add that little extra zing to your look and personality. Tanu is not only one of the finest makeup artists in Delhi that you can find for highly ceremonial occasions such as a wedding or a Sagan, she is a casual makeup expert too. You have every right to experience the “feel good factor” and casual makeup can get you there before you know it!

Start your day first with a visit to Tanu’s makeup studio where you should schedule at least a couple of hours if not more. Tanu will be more than happy to schedule you as her first guest of honor for the day. Once the session is over, you are all set to start your adventure, go shopping, meet up with your friends at your favorite mall, or even barge in at the home of a long lost school friend without notice!

As one of the well known makeup consultants in Delhi, there is nothing casual about Tanu’s casual makeup. You get the same attention and care that you associate with a bridal. Here is what makes Tanu Singh’s casual makeup so memorable:

  • Light makeup highly suitable for informal occasions
  • Makeup that does not smudge or irritate you when outdoor temperatures are on the rise
  • Makeup that keeps up with your casual and yet smart attire
  • Mostly neutral colors with some hues of light pinks and oranges
  • Extremely light eye makeup
  • Light shades of lipstick according to your choice and preference
  • Choice of hair styling or just a simple hair setting session
  • Any minor skin blemishes neatly concealed

Casual makeup by Tanu will never fade during the day or run since the finest authentic and brand name products are used to dress you up. Call Tanu at+91 9810471199 to check availability or to schedule an appointment. Way too much commotion at your workplace? Use the handy Inquiry Form and send her a message. Tanu will respond the same day. You can also SMS Tanu and mention a good time of the day for her to call you. So why not call Tanu Singh today to schedule some “me” time for yourself? You will be glad you did!